Our mission is to help those who cannot help themselves.  To this end, our objective is to aid those who are less fortunate through our donations to worthy charities and group efforts in our local area.  Our primary goal is dedicated to creating tools and services to help the less fortunate get back on their feet and start more productive more joyful lives through our brotherhood.

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Alan Johnson - Secretary

What is a Mason?
People have asked me from time to time, what I get from being a Mason. What is it that I learned, or discovered in Lodge, that makes it so interesting or valuable to me? Why do I keep going back to Lodge, paying Dues, serving as an Officer, spend so much time on the Internet and in my books researching and discussing Masonry?

I don't think anyone really learns anything new in Masonry. I know I didn't, though I really expected to. Much to my surprise I was, and continue to be, reminded of several principles and virtues that I had already inculcated as my own long before I became a Mason. Most, if not all, Masons it has been my pleasure to meet also accept these Principles and Virtues as valid and true in their lives. What are these Virtues? What are these Principles? I will enumerate and describe them, as best I can, one at a time.

Brotherly Love: This Virtue admonishes us to regard the entire human race as family. We were, after all, created by the same Creator, and the tie that binds us is stronger than we sometimes think. In all that we do, we should consider our family, known and unknown. What is best for them, and for ourselves?

Relief: Whenever we encounter a fellow creature in need, particularly at times when we are in abundance (but even when we are not), we should never fail to do what we are able to relieve their distress. The simple act of a warm handshake can often uplift a downhearted friend and Brother.

Truth: This should always have the highest priority, above personal agendas and disagreements. We must be always ready, not only to seek, find and speak the Truth, but we must be prepared to hear it as well. This is not always easy. In fact, hearing an unwelcome Truth is usually difficult. Still, hear it we sometimes must, and accept it as well.


Stone Mountain Lodge #449 F.&A.M.

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